• April 12, 2021

Reach For The Stars

Reach For The Stars

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Jeromy Grimmett, the founder, and CEO of Rogue Space Systems grew up on a farm in a small Louisiana town where he was surrounded by chickens, cows, and horses. With visions of something larger swirling around his head, he set his sights on the stars and enlisted in the Army, where he worked on missile defense and guidance systems.  

He later launched a successful career consulting as a network engineer and traveled around the world, building and maintaining large-scale networks for communications companies, energy producers, and manufacturers.  

It wasn’t until after Jeromy’s experience with a number of tech companies that he naturally evolved into entrepreneurship and leadership.  

“I eventually amassed a propensity and a certain knack for building teams capable of tackling very difficult technological and engineering challenges,” he says.   

Small Town, Big Dreams 

His younger days may have been spent in that small town, but Grimmett’s dream wasn’t a needle in any haystack dotting the surrounding fields. He knew what he wanted and he went after it.  

In 2011, after settling in New Hampshire, he struck out on his own with two partners and established CloudBrix, LLC, a company that provides IT support, management and infrastructure services. 

While he’s always had a passion for space, it was a paper Jeromy wrote one day while taking courses at Harvard that reignited his interest. In March 2019, he attended a daylong MIT Space Conference and his course was forever changed. 

Where Stars Aligned 

After attending that conference, Jeromy called his business partners to announce they were heading to space. Two years after those words were uttered, his panel of experts is now assembled and Rogue is working with NASA, the US Air Force, and Space Force, developing “some of the most advanced robotics and artificial intelligence systems destined to work in space.”  

Building Relationships  

As a people person, a major component of Jeromy’s job is focused on building relationships. Those connections create an impactful symbiosis destined to propel Rogue Space into the future. By nurturing the connections between his clients, partners, and vendors, he develops the ideals and culture of the company. Jeromy constructs that collaborative climate conducive to the development of big concepts, and that’s what Rogue Space is all about; taking those big ideas and making them reality.  

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit 

Rogue is much larger than a singular goal. For Jeromy, this company is about building a future for his friends, family, and his amazing team. The passion he feels for all the people in his life that have supported and enabled him to realize this dream is his motivation for leading his company toward success.  

When Jeromy isn’t developing Orbot prototypes to send into space, he enjoys cooking for friends and family. Although COVID has put a temporary halt on gatherings, he looks forward to hosting fun gatherings again, once this pandemic has passed.  

Interested in connecting with Jeromy? Email: [email protected] 

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