Our Technology


Rogue Space Systems is developing advanced RPO/RPOD technologies, enabling precise and safe rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking maneuvers in space. These technologies open up new possibilities for satellite servicing, assembly, and manufacturing in orbit, transforming the space industry’s capabilities.


Enabled by our edge computing and sensory platforms, Rogue has and continues to develop a unique goal-based autonomy system. This system allows for enhanced on-orbit threat detection and avoidance from issues that may arise both internal and external to the spacecraft, greatly improving mission success. This also allows for both semi-autonomous and fully autonomous mission execution enabling Rogue to carry out highly complex close-proximity operations safely even when communications are compromised or even completely absent. In addition to allowing us to perform services that would otherwise be impossible by traditional methods; autonomous operations streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance mission efficiency, making space operations more sustainable and scalable.


Rogue Space Systems is at the forefront of edge computing in space. Our novel Scalable Compute Platform brings cloud-computing like resources directly to the data source. This greatly reduces decision making time, and triage of mission data without waiting for a communication window and expending great amounts of expensive bandwidth to perform ground-based processing. This also enhances data security with raw data never having to leave the spacecraft and enables on-orbit decision making in real time for applications ranging from Earth observation to deep space exploration.


Our touchless detumble technology utilizes innovative algorithms and control systems to autonomously stabilize and orient spacecraft after deployment, eliminating the need for physical contact or intervention. This efficient process ensures safe and reliable satellite operations from the moment of deployment.


Rogue Space Systems’ touchless diagnostics solutions utilize advanced sensors, telemetry, and data analytics to remotely monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot spacecraft systems. This capability reduces the need for physical intervention, minimizes mission disruptions, and optimizes operational efficiency.


We are actively developing novel propulsion technologies that offer enhanced efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and greater maneuverability in space. These advancements unlock new mission profiles, increase payload capacity, and enable unprecedented exploration and commercial opportunities.

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