What we believe

Our Philosophy

A company with unlimited potential and endless possibilities

requires that our community coalesce around a set of common ideals and beliefs that support our overall mission as an organization focused on innovating the next generation of space robotics technologies.

Our Values

At our core, Rogue’s foundation is set upon a set of values that our team believes that define us throughout our journey together.  These values are a part of what we do every day at Rogue.


We endeavor to bring technology to life that impacts our world and beyond. Rogue’s innovations will have far reaching consequences for those that follow the path we set. It is our aim to develop technologies that are beneficial to the world and human capability in space.


To innovate, one has to be willing to listen to others and have the humility to set aside our egos for the greater good. Our purpose is to advance the best ideas even when they may not be our own. Our strength is found in this common enterprise that we hold above self.


Rogue prides itself at being relentless in our pursuit of creative and effective solutions. The fuel behind creativity is the freedom of imagination we give our team to explore ideas that may not be traditional or normal for what is done in space. This freedom fires the engine of innovation.


We have to be willing to help others and ourselves by keeping an open mind and open heart. By doing so, we improve the team. The help we give one another and our community is all meant to elevate us as an organization.


As a team we have to be committed to understanding the realities of circumstance and that requires an honesty to accept and see the facts and truth of others, ourselves and the organization as a whole.  Getting to the heart of a problem, being humble in success and having the wisdom to accept the truth of reality allows us to collaborate with freedom and unity of purpose.

Our Culture

These values are central to the success of Rogue and each of the members of our team. They are embedded in who we are as people and as an organization.  Rogue is centered around this culture and lays a foundation for excellence, the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.  All of this culminates into a community of freedom, creativity and kindness where people can thrive personally and professionally.