[Laconia, NH – November 15th, 2022] –Rogue Space Systems announces support for Native American Space initiatives at the inaugural Intertribal Space Conference in Clinton, OK. Including and incorporating the native community is paramount to making space accessible for all. These proposed initiatives would incorporate the work of the Intertribal Space Agency to advance awareness, education and efforts to bring space industry jobs and capabilities to the tribal communities across the United States.

Rogue Space Systems has worked in their local community in New Hampshire to develop and bring about awareness and opportunity with several sponsorships, programs surrounding STEAM education, and efforts to create an ecosystem throughout New England. Rogue is now looking to grow their efforts to underserved communities throughout the country that could benefit from their lessons learned during their local and regional initiatives.

The Intertribal Space Conference is the first conference of its kind, bringing industry and tribal leaders together. This conference has a number of topics being discussed including tribal space sovereignty, tribal space development and exploration, tribal block chain, tribal satellite constellations and many more. The theme of this conference is “AIM for the Moon” and will have speakers and panelists from across many fields of study.  

“We are proud to support the Intertribal Community in these efforts. Rogue is always seeking out people and places where we can do good work in hopes of making elemental change in the lives all who look to space for the tremendous opportunity that it is.” Says Jeromy Grimmett, CEO of Rogue Space Systems. “Building community through purpose driven innovation is central to who we are as an organization. The Intertribal Space initiatives are a perfect example of type of partners we look to have join us in this journey.

“There are many things important on Earth, but few things as important as our orbital space. Rogue Space Systems Corporation are instrumental in the preservation of our orbital space. These are true caretakers of space.” Says Dan Hawk, Principal Scientist of the Intertribal Space Agency.

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