Drashti Patel is the Sensor Engineer for Rogue Space Systems. It’s a complex job, but here’s a simple explanation for it: Drashti integrates various hardware modules into larger platforms where data is collected. That information is then used to help determine navigation, object detection, and tracking for satellites and Rogue’s Orbot payload systems.  

“As a child, ideas about space and astronomy always fascinated me, and they still do,” she says. “Being a Sensor Engineer for Rogue, my goals are aligned with the team’s goals. The immediate one being Laura-1 mission accomplishment. With the first mission, we hope to collect enough data that will provide us with insights into the types of objects found in space.” 

Drashti is well-matched and highly skilled to get the job done. With an extensive background in Robotics and Data, the Sensor Engineer position is in more than capable hands.  

When Goals Align 

As the Sensor Engineer, Drashti’s goals are completely aligned with Rogue Space’s mission.  

“I am passionate about Rogue and the work I’m doing because every day is a little bit different,” she says. “I get to apply what I have learned so far in college/studies, and also get to develop new skills. I find the applications of my work to be more meaningful than I ever imagined.” 

“Another aspect that makes me look forward to working each day is the awesome team we have,” she adds. “Each individual brings something unique to the table and there’s a lot I get to learn from all of them.” 

Outside of work, Drashti takes piano lessons from the grand master’s via YouTube. And, she enjoys experimenting with cooking – using a wide range of cuisines and flavors to create her own mix. 

“Cooking has become somewhat of a therapy,” she says. “It makes me happy.” 

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