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Spotlight on Rogue Space’s Summer 2021 Intern: Ava Kalinske

Ava Kalinske is a marketing intern at Rogue Space and is eager to learn more about marketing and engineering. She is a senior in high school applying to various UC and Ivy League Schools. “The rapidly maturing market for orbital services fascinates me,” Ava said. She is “passionate about Rogue’s willingness to provide services to…
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Spotlight on Summer 2021 Intern: Kaiden Bedell

This summer Kaiden and the Rogue Space team hope to “finalize a camera system that works in low light and can estimate satellite rotation.” “If we are able to fix satellites that are already in orbit instead of further polluting space, more than just money is saved,” Kaiden said. “Materials, fuel, and energy are conserved.”…
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Spotlight on Summer 2021 Intern: Austin Bancroft

Rogue Space has added some summer interns to our team, and they are out of this world. We’re proud to introduce them! Austin Bancroft is a fourth-year aerospace engineering major at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Like many members of our team, he has loved space since he was a child. Austin is excited to work with…
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Meet Sadia Mooring, Research Scientist Coordinator at Rogue Space Systems

Sadia Mooring:  Sadia Mooring is a Rogue Space Systems Research Scientist Coordinator, communicating the science behind Rogue’s technology to a variety of stakeholders. Her main mission at Rogue is to prepare successful proposals and grants for funding.  Her other goals include helping with research and development for Active Debris Removal tools and conducting data analysis…
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Meet Dana Ruchti, Aerospace Engineer at Rogue Space Systems

Dana Ruchti is a Rogue Space Systems Aerospace Engineer. She knows that orbital debris in space is a big problem, and she’s here at Rogue to help fix it. Debris left behind by spacecraft launched into orbit can pose a serious risk for future missions, she says — even a one-millimeter sized piece of debris can damage a…
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The Business of Space

Trisha Navidzadeh is Rogue Space Systems’ Vice President of Business Development. She initiates and manages all of the company’s sales efforts. She comes highly qualified, having been involved with the NewSpace industry for more than a decade.   “I’m obsessed with everything ‘space’ and have been since I was a small child,” she says. “I’ve always looked up to NASA astronauts and wanted to grow up and be…
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Reach For The Stars

Jeromy Grimmett, the founder, and CEO of Rogue Space Systems grew up on a farm in a small Louisiana town where he was surrounded by chickens, cows, and horses. With visions of something larger swirling around his head, he set his sights on the stars and enlisted in the Army, where he worked on missile defense…
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Ph.D. and Plasma

Evan Aguirre is the Principal Research Scientist at Rogue Space Systems. He is currently developing a plasma propulsion system, which utilizes an ionized gas known as the fourth state of matter. Its purpose? Creating thrust for Rogue Space System’s Orbots™. The speeds we’re talking about are mind-blowing – more than 1,000 miles-per-hour faster than any vehicle here on Earth.  “I have always been fascinated by science…
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Rogue Supports WinnAero, STEM Education Through Aviation

Rogue is thrilled to announce support for STEM education for the youth by partnering with a local non-profit STEM-group, WinnAero. The joint venture will offer professional development workshops for teachers in critical aerospace educational components starting in May. “Not only will Rogue Space Systems host these workshops in their facility in downtown Laconia, but they…
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Leading By Design

As Rogue’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Pica runs the research, development, and design department, which is the Rogue Space team tasked with bringing Orbot™ technology to life. Under Michael’s direction, his team ensures the design process results in fully-realized robotic solutions for the satellite industry.  “We don’t innovate for innovation-sake; it’s about finding the right solution for the…
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